Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We provide a wide range of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software development solutions for small to medium size businesses. Our customize CRM solutions allow businesses to maintain complete customer records that is accessible to all employees within the organization.

We develop CRM for organizations like real estate, shopping, E-commerce, Manufacturing, Construction, Banking, Finance & Insurance, Automotive, website design and development, Internet marketing and many more. The CRM software developed by us addresses the specific requirements of sales & marketing, technical support, customer service within the company and allow share data for clients and customer support together.

Online CRM

Online CRM Software in India is considered as a comprehensive online source of business development that enables business in maintaining records that contains pre-sales & post-sales transactions of customers. iTANGLE Inc is a reputed firm and the most prominent online CRM development company providing solutions all over the globe to satisfy customers basic needs in terms of offering the best customer support & loyal business dealings. Further, we believe in providing multidimensional solutions for increasing brand awareness and also for placing direct connection with the customers.

iTANGLE Inc is a foremost CRM software development  firm based in India offers web based CRM, online CRM to the customers. Customer Relationship Management solution brings for you the advanced platform of efficiently managing the employee details in a improvised & hierarchical way, which has proven as the biggest advantage of this system software.

Advantage of Our CRM

Our advanced Customer Relationship Management Program allows businesses to simply manage their clients, the value of customers and much more. Our developed CRM software is much more beneficial for sales and marketing team to improve the relationship with clients. CRM software developed by our technical team will run the entire business process, we believe that this is not only beneficial for a single business but also fit for all sizes of businesses

CRM development

Features of our web based CRM

CRM development

Can be accessed at any time and from any device that can access internet easily

This software costs lower in comparison to traditional systems

On-going operational cost is relatively low

To access any information or data, users do need to be on their own systems

Can be accessed at any time and from any device that can access internet easily

Effective and efficient automation of workflow

Coordinate unlimited customers with ease

Maintain records of each customer about their placed transactions

Our CRM Services Includes


Our developed CRM software can be used on large scales and to be simply expanded to whatever you needed


Offers automates most needs of sales, marketing and support team from prospect and client contact tools etc


Our CRM data encryption to ensure the security and privacy of information within the organization.


Our CRM system offer user-friendly interface to Customer support team

Key Modules of our CRM

CRM development

Lead Management

Sales Management

Contact Management

Purchase Management

Inventory Management

Project Management

Supplier Management

Service Management

CRM development