E-Mail Marketing

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One Email sent to group of recipients is known as Bulk Email(www.bevymail.com). We are in the Modern Era, every body has a mail. Bulk email(Bevy Mail-www.bevymail.com) concept is used by companies or individuals or business.

Companies use the bulk email for direct marketing their product or services with their customers.The individual can use this mailing for his personal use like sending, invitating to friends, inviting for celebrations and etc…The number of email may vary.

E-Mail Marketing
E-Mail Marketing

About Our E-Mail Marketing Service

Bevy Mail is the most comprehensive and cost effective permission based e-mail marketing service available in India, and it is our honor to offer this powerful email marketing service to Indian marketers, entrepreneurs and online retailers. Bevy Mail allows companies of all sizes to easily create, send, and track email campaigns, newsletters and autoresponders.

Why Business Owners Choose Bevy Mail?

Bevy Mail is a trusted Do-It-Yourself email marketing service that over 10000+ businesses use when they need to send email campaigns,bulk emails, newsletters and mass email – without worrying about installing email marketing software or configuring mail servers.

E-Mail Marketing

For More Details visit our Official E-Mail Marketing Service (www.bevymail.com) Website

E-Mail Marketing Benefits

Built-in Email Templates

Over dozens of email templates

Built-in Spam Checker

Get valuable suggestions

Real-time Reports

Includes Open, Click, Bounce and More

Import Contacts in Bulk

From Microsoft Excel in CSV format

Automatic Bounce Handling

Keep your list clean

Newsletter Signup Forms

Generate HTML forms code for website


Automate followup tasks based on events

Easy Unsubscribes

Insert one-click unsubscribe links

Google Analytics Integration

Track your campaigns further