Google Adwords

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Selling being the ultimate activity of any business, getting traction to it remains a constant challenge. Especially online, it is nothing short of an adventure to search and invite the customers in. There is too much promotion happening on web that the customers are having a tough time in checking into what they really want. iTANGLE Inc offers the best advertising solutions with its smart Google and words strategy, which targets the right customer, attributes and promotes your product sensibly. With an intensive research on both the side – the posting side and the viewing side – we tune the right frequency and package for you to take up and achieve phenomenal results.

Google Adwords

Why Google AdWords?

Google Adwords

The most commonly used search engine around the globe is “google”. Everyone wants their website to be published in first page of the google searchengine. Google search engine have many criteria’s to bring your website inthe first page. It takes month or sometime years to push your site in topfor particular keyword. To our come this problem google gives us asolution that is google adwords. By signing into google adwords you canpush your website to first page.

Google advertisement is in the form of text and image. Google ads runsontwo models, CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Impression).Adwords structure is like it has three line description and one line urllink. First line holds upto 25 characters and next two lines consist of 35characters each. Adword does not support illegal and adult website.Adwords campign once its created, your ads will be published in few hours.You have automatic bidding and manual bidding to position your ads. Youcan set budget for individual keyword, per day budget, total budget for acampaign, everything can be set from your side. This is the fastest way tobring your webpage in first page of google

Benefits of Google Adwords

You can fix the advertisement amount.

You publish your ads in selective cities where you have business opportunities.

Manage your advertisement through adwords control panel.

Unlimited keywords can be added.

Advertisement will be published until your all funds are used.

Google Adwords