Trade Mark Registration

What is Trademark?

A trademark is popularly recognized as a brand name, as a visual mark in the form of word or with graphical representation applied in commercial goods or services to enable the consuming public to identify the same from one trader to another. It is strongly advisable that you register your trademark or brand name as soon as they are coined.

Trademark represented in the form of Sign, Symbol, Alphabet, Word, Logo or Design used by a Company, Organization or an Individual as a mark to have an unique identity for their brand from the others. Trademarks fall into two general categories: marks that identify goods or products (known as trademarks) and mark that identify services (known as service marks).

Why should you avail services from iTANGLE Inc?

Because, we are extremely pleased to inform that we have been counted amongst the most trusted names in this domain, engaged in providing Trademarks Service.

We provide simple and most reliable solutions for your trademark registration. It is our mission to provide our clients with high quality representation but at an affordable fee for our professional services. We are an actual law firm with licensed attorneys handling our clients’ case from start to finish. This means that our firm has the tools and experience necessary to file our trademark application in a manner that will optimize your chance of success. We gladly assist our clients in the process of both coining innovative brand names and the registering of the trade marks. We also run a free search report and offer a legal opinion for choosing unique brand for our Clients.

Trade Mark Protection is the Key to Securing the BRANDS and IMAGE
that distinguish a company or their product from its competitors

Benefits of Trademark Registration

The registration of trademark offers prestigious ® symbol with your brand trademark.

It protects the company's name, logo, tag lines and artistic works which are unarguably most valuable assets of a Company.

Registered owners receives exclusive rights of ownership across the nation.

Only the registered owner of a Trademark can initiate both civil and criminal actions against the infringer.

Once your brand registered the other company which adopts a confusingly similar brand of yours cannot feign ignorance in the later stage.

Registration of Trademark provides evidently decreases the possibilities of similar trademarks emerging in the similar line of business.

In a lawsuit

The right to recover damages from any party found to have infringed your mark, plus costs for the suit.

A presumption that you are the valid owner of the mark (a legal concept meaning, in most cases, that you won't have to prove that you own the mark; the court will presume, on the basis of the registration, that it is true)


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