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iTANGLE Inc is a website design and Development Company specializing in custom website development. We are also a web design company for custom Word press and e-commerce websites. We are a web development and marketing company that has been designing winning websites. We use the latest developments in web design and marketing to create innovative websites for our clients.

Company websites are evolving. The Internet has reinvented the way that businesses connect with consumers. Brochure style websites are becoming less common as more and more companies are using multi-faced websites to connect with their existing clients and to actively cultivate relationships with new ones. The website design for your company will be designed at a professional level that draws your customers towards your business and highlight its identity with distinctiveness and strength.

Our goal is simple. To provide you with an interactive website that will help you grow your business.

Technologies and programming languages we use

Wordpress Website Customization, Installation, Design Services

WordPress is the leading online website creation tool  and quite easily the most powerful blogging and website content management system available today. It is used  by millions of professional websites as well as personal bloggers, by amateur authors and photographers to showcase their works and it hosts some of the top websites such as vogue, mashable etc. .

Website Design for WordPress

With so many people using it, it is crucial that WordPress website development  is given its due importance. The WordPress web design itself is highly customizable and also for the website to be successful it needs to have a

  • good framework 
  • excellent content management
  • an appealing theme
  • user friendly plugins

WordPress website design is offered by many companies today. Top companies utilize the latest technology features offered by WordPress to improve your site. WordPress constantly works to improve its platform in terms of hosting, user friendliness and the number of customizable features it offers. Thus the best companies make the best use of such updates to constantly update their design strategies. Here are a few pointers to select a good design company.

  • Good existing portfolio
  • Unique website design for each website
  • Good sync of content with theme and plugins
  • Focused marketing goals
  • Good knowledge of target audience and a strategy to capture them
  • Use of Responsive Web Design to increases the reach of the content to computer, mobile and tablet users

Joomla Website Customization, Design & Installation Services

Joomla is an open source platform that allows you to create websites and applications. It is one of the leading content management systems that integrates your site with a MySQLi, MySQL, or PostgreSQL database which  makes content management easier for the site manager and delivery more apt to the visitor.

Why Joomla ?

  • Joomla strives to offer excellent usability and extensibility for all users.
  • Apt to create multipurpose, dynamic and robust sites .
  • Utilized by the biggest brands – Harvard, iHop and MTV
  • Offers versatility of web design – corporate websites, blogs, social networks and e-commerce
  • Has an active Joomla web development community

Need for professional Joomla web development?

While there are many free or cheap templates available lack of good Joomla website development can adversely affect the goal of your website. The free templates and basic design lacks customizable elements offered by joomla. Thus professional web development

  • Separates your website from the million others
  • Adds unique features such as custom plugins, extensions and component development
  • Creates a smooth user interface
  • Incorporates interactive and functional components
  • Optimizes the website to make it SEO friendly increasing search engine visibility.

Magento Ecommerce Website Installation, Customization Services

Magento is the new generation and highly versatile open source ecommerce solution available today. It has over 240,000 users worldwide. Opting for Magento ecommerce development gives you the perfect platform to attract more customers, sell more products an make some real good money.

The Benefits:

  • Magento is an open source software
  • Community Support – Magento has one of the strongest “free to access” forums for Magento Designers and Developers for magento that makes it a very easy to access and get information on critical development issues.
  • eCommerce is a very complex Content Management System and Magento is developed only for the purpose of ecommerce which makes it the sought after platform.
  • Flexibility in Scalability – small e-commerce companies to MNC’s can utilise this platform.
  • High performance
  • Highly customizable
  • Multi tenant – multiple stores can be operated with one backend CMS
  • Easy integration with third party services – Magento over the years has many plugins developed which can be integrated and operated with ease.
  • SEO friendly – The core platform is built with SEO friendliness in mind and the availability of seo centric plugins makes Magento one of the best search engine friendly platforms available in the opensource market.
  • Mobile eCommerce – It is one of the best platforms / CMS for mobile technolgies including the backend which can be accessed through mobile devices.

Need Magento Technology based website?

iTANGLE Inc is an ecommerce specialist company has been Magento CMS over the years and make full use of the features that Magento offers and to create a unique ecommerce site for specific businesses. Our Magento focused development team have handled projects that are:

  • Complex Magento implementations
  • Customization of existing Magento sites
  • Customize 3rd party extensions for specific sites
  • Development of new Magento extensions
  • SEO of Magento sites
  • Support and troubleshooting of Magento sites
  • Template adjustments

The most important aspects of an ecommerce site are its check out, payments and shipping modules. Magento development company have developers with hands-on experience in shopping cart migrations and specialized in payment portal solutions. They build payment gateways that enable customer to make payments using

  • Credit cards
  • Online checks
  • Phone billing
  • SMS billing

These payment options are customizable for each website as per the need and can be integrated with the Magento .

Opencart Installation, Customization, Design & Solutions

OpenCart  is an open source e-commerce platform developed in PHP. It is a global e-commerce platform that supports multiple language and almost all currencies making it highly successful across the global market. It has a rich resource of both add on products as well as plugins and is highly customizable with OpenCart website development. Most OpenCart development company offer a range of services that helps you create your own unique OpenCart ecommerce site.

Why choose OpenCart website development for Ecommerce solutions?

  • Supports an unlimited number of products and categories and limitless transactions
  • Supports most languages and currencies and can be managed from one admin interfaces
  • Highly favorable tax rates for global trade
  • 3 types of reports : sales report, products viewed and products purchased
  • OpenCart ecommerce development can create custom designs and templates
  • Supports many 3rd party applications
  • Very search engine friendly allowing OpenCart custom development
  • Free lifetime support and updates that can work magic in the hands of the right OpenCart development company.
  • Script architecture based on MVC which is popular and gives optimal access to help
  • User friendly dashboard

Need for professional OpenCart web development?

We are Developing OpenCart E-Commerce website best of industry, iTANGLE Inc is customize best open cart ecommerce website with SEO optimization.

OpenCart custom development distinguishes your e-commerce site from million others and a good design may be your best bet at success. OpenCart customization services  is more effective when the development team is adept at using various technologies such as PHP,SQL, .Net, HTL, XML, Java script etc. Entrust your OpenCart website development  to a company which offers good support and maintenance services, end to end e-commerce solutions and preferably uses SEO to optimize the content and website.

We Design and Develop rich and appealing websites

Responsive Website Development

Responsive Web Design is a collection of techniques and a fundamental shift to build a website that adapts to the size of the screen, it’s being viewed on.In this generation, the way people are consuming online information and viewing websites makes it challenging to engage them with the best online experience. The responsive web design, development must respond to their environment, making the page look great in all sizes.

Responsive Web Design Approach

While creating a responsive website design, we have to consider what is most important to a viewer on a device (Mobile, Desktop, Laptop, etc.) offering them a crisp, clean and concise information with proper bandwidth, processing power and screen size. It is important to consider;

  • Simplifies Development and Design Process
  • Saves Cost and Time
  • Updating the Browser
  • High Performance, Better Sales
  • Content Management
  • Clear outlook on Website and Web App
  • Minimizes development and maintenance Cost
  • Eliminates the need to maintain multiple websites

Responsive Web Design Benefits

At iTANGLE Inc, we help you to create a Responsive Website design to give a flexible Design, Development and Strategy. It is the combination of the flexible grid system, framework, meta tags, images and CSS3 media queries. Your business will be benefited as it is;

Minimizes Pinching

Cost and Time Effective

Secured Future, best web design for the decades to come

SEO optimized

Improve conversion rates

Reduces Scrolling and Zooming by adding Right Content

Easy Reading

Smooth Navigation

Smarter and Faster Viewing Experience